(And little, beefy matters)

Where’s the beef?

Look down.

Ah, there it is.  In the form of a mini-cow.

That’s right, a mini-cow.

These little creatures are the Priuses of the bovine world — smaller, cuter, and more fuel-efficient.  Standing about three feet tall, they are half the size of a normal cow, but eat only a third as much.  And they yield more meat per unit of feed.  They also use less land, and are less likely to trample if you piss them off.

While there are only 14,000 or so minicows in the US, compared to 10 million regular-size cattle, the sale of mini-cows has been growing steadily, originally to outside-the-box-thinking pet owners and, more recently, small farm owners and people looking to save a bit on their grocery bill.

Don’t expect to find mini-steaks behind the counter at your local Whole Foods any time soon — but it’s a sign of the times.  A cuddly, limpid-eyed sign of the times.

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